“Well fine, then, Mel, if you want to be a fucking bitch, just be a fucking bitch!” I storm off one way and she storms off the other, mumbling something I don’t quite understand. The God damn nerve of some people! I enter the main ballroom on the right side and slide past the people crowding the door. Feeling very out of place walking alone, I try to act casual and look for her. This is the first big “dress-up” event we’ve been to and it’s Valentine’s Day.

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Ask and ye shall receive

I bet you’ve never been pinned against a wall. Judging from the look on your face when your naked shoulders hit the cold sheet rock behind you, I’m right. It’s cold in contrast to your skin, which, if your thighs are any indication between my own, is hot. You take a hissing breath and exhale it against my throat, “Shiitt.” Continue reading