Cut a Rug

Didi throws her head back and almost chokes on her beer. “Oh lord, Sue doesn’t dance!” She has to yell over the music in the club, but Ann hears her loud and clear…so does Sue. “She’s not only got two left feet, but she’s got no rhythm. Papa says that she can’t be in the family until she learns to dance.” She meets Sue’s glare with a smile, “And she swears she’s been working on it, but I haven’t seen the results.” Continue reading

Cracker Jack Kid

It’s been a long day…week…hell, month! Didi throws her bag into the truck, kisses Sue goodbye, and climbs in. She cranks up the car and pulls out of the driveway waving back at Sue. She turns up the radio and takes a deep cleansing breath. I just need a little time away. Just time to get back to the basics. Continue reading