My Big Fat Greek Olympics — Part Six

“Are you sure we’re supposed to be up here?” Didi opens the door to the top tier of the smokestack platform where few people have been and even fewer people are supposed to be. It’s a small landing in front of the stack that provides a view of not just the front of the ship, but everything else in its path. Continue reading

My Big Fat Greek Olympics — Part Five

NOTE: Spanish translation is not guaranteed.


Didi lays flat on her back as Sue begins to take over. As the woman crawls on top of her, Didi’s fingertips glide softly over Sue’s back. Sue groans, “That feels so good, D.” She bends down to kiss Didi passionately, “You feel good.” Continue reading

My Big Fat Greek Olympics — Part Two

NOTE: The song featured here is by Andy Griggs. It’s called “She’s more”. It’s a beautiful song. I have, however, taken the liberty of changing the lyrics to fit the story. I changed “man” to “one”, “green eyes” to “brown eyes”, and “Five foot three” to “Five foot nine”. I don’t think Andy’ll mind. Continue reading