I’m yours

Fingertips slip down my arms as we dance. My back is to you, your breath is hot on my neck, and our bodies move together in time with the music playing. A million eyes could be on us, but we’d see only each other. When your arms wrap around me, I lace our fingers together and close my eyes. With a soft kiss to my neck, chills break out on my skin and you smile against my ear. I know I’m blushing but I don’t care.

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Dinner Party for Two – Part 1

You’d spent all day teasing me. We’d planned this dinner party for a few of your new friends and while we were setting things up, you were absolutely relentless! A hand on my back that slid down to cup my ass… A soft moan in my ear that gave me chills… Licking your lips while holding my gaze across the room… And don’t get me started on the text messages detailing what you planned to do to me when everyone else went home! But as soon as the first guest arrived, I enacted my plan to pay you back. And I started with a soft flick of your earlobe with my tongue as I whispered, “I’m not wearing anything under this skirt” in your ear. Continue reading


She’s been gone for 3 days and I’m quickly going nuts. I miss her. Every little thing about her. How she laughs, blinks, snores, breathes ….everything. To provide the slightest bit of comfort, I pull open a drawer in her dresser where she keeps her old t-shirts. Bringing it to my nose, I take a deep breath, “Babe, I miss you.”

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Stars (part two)

In frantic flashes, I try to remember everything about these moments. The feel, taste, smell, sound, and sight…little pieces of a night so perfect that you want to rush home and tell your best friends about it. The best part, though, is that she is one of those people I’d tell…in detail. With my mind turned off (except for the storage part), I focus on us. Not the sky. Not the deck. Nothing but us and this…………time.

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