Why I love you

One day, the love of my life turned to me with a quizzical look. She studied my face thoughtfully and asked, “Babes, why do you love me?” At the time, I gave her a short list of reasons, most of them superficial and not real reasons to love her (or anyone else). In case she ever asks me again, or wants to know, I’ve made this list…. Continue reading

The Truth

Ah, my love, you act so well. Use whatever you can to let the world know you don’t want me anymore. And you strut and preen like someone who doesn’t need or want anyone for anything. You are independent, self-assured, and don’t give a fuck. And you’ll stop at nothing to prove that to me and everyone else. Even parade through here with countless others. Others….yes.

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you skin’s always darker than mine.. you’ll joke that almost everything is darker than me.. your thumb on my lips makes you shiver.. your lips on my neck does me the same way.. it doesn’t have to be hard all the time.. it doesn’t have to go fast.. making love is a process.. it can’t be rushed.. & when we take our time, we end up the same color (red).. quivering about the same amount.. covered in love & smiles….

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