10 Things – Mama drama

“I will,” she insists, hoping to end the conversation. I can tell she’s lying but her mother falls for it. I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

“Ok,” the woman says, and leaves the room.

She turns her attention back to me, shakes her fists in the air, and mouths, “I hate her!”

I mouth back, “No you don’t.”

She responds, “Yes, I do! She makes me mad!”

Shaking my head, I laugh, “She makes you mad because you love her. Otherwise, you wouldn’t care what she said or did.”

Her mom’s voice comes from the door, “Mel, I just want to make sure you keep your health because I love you.”

Her face melts and I can’t help but smile. She nods, “I know, Mam. And I love you.” She pauses a moment, biting her lip, “Are there any leftovers?”

“Yes,” comes the answer, “should I heat them up for you?”

“Please,” she answers and watches her mother walk away. She turns to me again, “Babe, I’m going to eat.” A slow grin spreads across my face. I open my mouth but she cuts me off. “Yeah, yeah,” she blushes. “God doesn’t like ugly, babe.”


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