Dinner Party for Two – Part 1

You’d spent all day teasing me. We’d planned this dinner party for a few of your new friends and while we were setting things up, you were absolutely relentless! A hand on my back that slid down to cup my ass… A soft moan in my ear that gave me chills… Licking your lips while holding my gaze across the room… And don’t get me started on the text messages detailing what you planned to do to me when everyone else went home! But as soon as the first guest arrived, I enacted my plan to pay you back. And I started with a soft flick of your earlobe with my tongue as I whispered, “I’m not wearing anything under this skirt” in your ear. The tensing of your jaw told me that my comment, and my tongue, hit the spot I intended to hit. When you cut your eyes at me, they narrowed a bit and you knew by the smirk on my face that karma was about to bite you in the ass.. but in the best way possible! The deep breath you took was followed by a mumbled “warning”, “Play nice.”

A knock on the door pulled me away, but I turned just enough to smile at you, “You know you don’t like it when I’m nice. You like it best when I’m mean.”

I left the room, but the smell and feel of me didn’t leave you. You almost laughed out loud when you noticed that your hands were actually shaking, “Deep breath, girl. Pull it together. She’s just a woman in a skirt. Mind over matter.” When you almost sliced your finger off, you actually did smile, “I’m so fucking dead.”

An hour later, laughter filled the apartment. Your friends, all of them co-workers, had a ball telling me all the funny stories about you at work. Who knew you were so silly with a stapler? Your face burned red, but the big smile on your face was brighter than that. I looked at you and felt myself fall in love all over again. As they took turns sharing stories and hilarious memories, no one noticed when I straddled your knee to refill your wine glass…but you did. Holding your glass in your right hand, your left sort of slid its way up my thigh. When I looked at you and licked my lips, you actually gulped. Your hand stopped cold at that point and you shook your head as if to say, “Woman, you’re driving me crazy.” I got the message just as clearly as I would’ve had you actually spoken the words.

As I moved around the room to refill everyone else’s glasses, you watched me. You’d said before that I am the life of every party. I laughed and said you were, too. When I bent to pick up a napkin off the floor, your breath caught and your mind switched to a memory… A porch, mid-March, rain so heavy it almost made the wood vibrate, me in your lap, skirt hiked up, our lips locked in a kiss so deep that we were sharing great gasps of oxygen, your fingers had been so cold when they entered the hottest part of me, my thighs trembled as I moved on your lap, your other arm wrapped around me to keep me close, and the loudest silent scream you’d ever heard when the passion crested and my whole body went limp with release. Laughter snapped you out of your dream and you tried to engage yourself in the conversation again…but in your head you were wondering how quickly we could eat and clear the apartment so that we were alone.

I was lost in another memory… You’d won a hard fought match and were damn proud of it. You came home sweaty and exhausted. As you showered, I couldn’t help thinking about the water running over your body. I could close my eyes and almost see it dripping, gliding, slithering down your body… tear-drop-shaped drips of water falling off your nipples… a trail of water down your spine… rouge water drops sliding down your thighs… it didn’t take long before I’d gotten into the shower with you. The memory of you pressed against the shower wall, one leg over my shoulder and both hands in my hair, made me swallow hard and take a ragged breath. If I closed my eyes, I could still see you there.. head back, mouth open, gasping for air, begging me not to stop, eyes closed tight, hips grinding against me, and just barely holding on long enough to let the orgasm finish before pulling me up for a hard, deep kiss of appreciation.

The sound of the kitchen door swinging brought me out of my trance just before the sound of your voice in my ear made me close my eyes and smile. “Hey beautiful.” Your lips traced a soft line on the curve of my neck and I shivered, “Need help with,” you paused dramatically, “anything?”

Chuckling softly, I relaxed into your arms, “Oh, I could use help with a lot of things, but it’d be terribly rude of us to start dessert without our guests.”

Your tongue traced the rim of my ear, “They’re grown people. I’m sure they can serve themselves while we help ourselves.”

“Oh,” I smiled, “you need help with something?”

Nodding a bit, you answered, “Yes. I have this ache that really needs some attention.”

Honestly, I didn’t try to hide the laugh, “Oh yeah? Reckon later I could rub it for you and help it ease up some?”

You smiled against my neck, “Oh yes, I think that’d do the trick just fine. But really, it’s my hands that ache the most.”

“Why’s that?”

Husky with emotion, your voice drops and gives me shivers, “Because they want you in the worst way right now. But they know they can’t touch you and it’s killing them.”

“Killing them, you say?” I turned in your arms and smiled up at you when you wrapped your arms around my waist and pressed me against the counter, “Are they being impatient?”

“Well, see,” you smiled back at me wickedly, “they’re in cahoots with my ears.” Your eyes, the ones that make me weak in the knees, twinkled with mischief, “When you told my ears about what you don’t have on under that skirt, they told my hands.” I dropped my head back to laugh at you and you kissed my throat, “And you know how protective my hands are about my girl.” I nodded, thoroughly enjoying your little explanation, “Baby, they just want to make sure you’re safe under there.”

“Oh,” I laughed, “is that what’s wrong?” You nodded, smiling at me, “What can I do to help reassure your hands that I’m fine?”

I felt your hands slide from my waist to my thighs. Chills broke out when they pressed against my skin and slid upwards, under the skirt, “Well, you could let them check out the situation.” When your fingers delicately brushed against their destination, my grip on your shoulders tightened just a bit and your breath caught for a moment. They went a little further, sliding easily home, and we both exhaled. You moaned a bit, “Oh, baby, are you sure you’re okay?” Your middle and index fingers began a coup on my senses by invading my body over and over in a slow, deliberate manner, “You feel damn good, but I need to make sure you’re alright.”

No longer able to form a complete thought, much less hold a conversation, all I could do was grunt, “Oh God.” I bit my lip hard and after a few more strokes, managed to find my voice, “If you don’t stop now, I won’t let you stop later. It’s now or never. Either you finish me off or stop teasing me.”

Slowing your fingers to a stop, you pouted, “Oh, now I’m in a bit of a situation. I don’t want to stop,” you bent to kiss my neck softly, repeatedly, “but I also want to save you for later. I just don’t know what to do.”

Pulling your head down to whisper in your ear, I moaned, “Save me for later when there’s no one here and I don’t have to quiet.” You shivered just a bit and I smiled, “You know you like it when I’m a bit loud.”

“Yes,” you readily admitted, “hell yes, I do.” You picked your head up and smiled down at me as your fingers softly left me, “Later, then.”

“But,” I held your face in my hands, “I want you to kiss me now the way you’re going to fuck me later.”

Those eyes twinkled again, “Hard, fast, and deep, you mean?”

With a soft moan, I grinned, “That’s exactly what I mean.” And that’s exactly what you did… you always were good at following directions and playing well with others…


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