I think it’d start as soon as I walk into the bar. I feel fairly certain we’d play it “safe” at the game. Your first WNBA game in the US. You’re probably going to watch the door because I’ll get there later than you….I’ll make it a point. I wanna walk in and have you know.. I’m there…for one person and one person only… you.

The attire is intentional… Tank top (tight, of course), low riding, baggy jeans… & boots. Hair in a ponytail & the cap cocked a little to the side… I’d walk in looking around slowly. You’d probably nod at me or smile. Get my attention by blushing is probably more likely! I have a way with words but sometimes they’re not necessary… walking towards you, I’d smile slow & never break eye contact. You’ll likely be with friends so I’ll take it easy on you and just hug you.. sort of friendly at first. “How are you” and “Wasn’t that a great game”…. You’ll probably be unable to make eye contact right off… But that’s okay..I understand. It’s why I wore the cap. You’ll giggle too loud & drink a little too fast & I’ll flirt with someone else… Only until I see your eyes drift down & that beautiful smile fade just a hint….then I’ll whisper in your ear, “May I have a dance?” You’ll almost choke & I’ll pretend not to notice as I slip my hand into yours. When you hesitate just a bit, it’ll force me to do…well.. I’ll peel off the cap & put it on the head of someone near us. Then I’ll look at you..full on..& say, “Just one dance, Jen? Please?” You’ll swallow hard and look away but I’ll squeeze your hand gently and tug. You’ll follow, pretending you don’t wanna go, but… secretly glad I played “insistent”. I’ll have picked a slow song, of course. I want you next to me. When I lead you to the floor… I’ll turn and smile, “C’mere…” so you see how that sounds in person. You’ll hesitate and I’ll reach out, hand on your hip, & tug… “I won’t bite unless you want me to…” And you’ll come to me. Because by this time.. you’re caught. It’s the eyes.. I use what I have to… I’m not tall…and when I pull you against me, you’ll take a sharp breath..I’ll smile, “Jen, you have to breathe to dance, baby.” And then we’ll move, just a little …and I’ll feel you settle down a bit and the thoughts in your head…I know them… “It’s just one dance.” “I don’t have to imagine her naked.” “Women dance together all the time.” “She’s harmless.” But there’ll be this little tug in your chest…“But what if….I leaned in just a little…& took a sniff of her? No one can see.” “And a deep breath is not sex. I can totally do that.” So you’ll lean in and close your eyes…and I’ll smile when I hear you take that… deep inhale… I’ll turn my head just slightly & do the same…then whisper, “Jennifer Blue”. Your eyes will fly open & your heart will stop. Your body will tense & I’ll say, “Relax..I just wanted to make you smile.” I’ll lean back a bit & see that it worked. And I’ll think…. “She is so beautiful.” With the slightest bit of hesitation, I’ll murmur, “You’re just as beautiful as I thought you were.” The breath you.. take is one you’ll hold until I say, “Breathe, baby.” And you’ll blush and giggle nervously..but you’ll be breathing…

The song will end but you won’t realize it..until I ask you, “Another?” But before you answer I’ll have made the decision for you… You’ll finally notice that we’re in a dark corner…& for a moment you’ll kind of hesitate…but then I’ll say, “Turn around?” and you’ll likely panic and say, “Why?” I’ll smile & turn you, wrapping my arms around you from behind. That’s when your body will… go into total overdrive. My nose just behind your ear, my hands holding yours at your waist, my body pressed tight against yours…yes.. that’s when your body will say for sure, “I want her.” With that realization always comes a bit of a shiver & that all-over, body-relaxing sigh…that’s when you’ll melt & say “fuck the world”. That’s when I’ll nuzzle your neck with my nose & breathe on your skin. I’ll watch the chills break out before asking “Should I stop?” I know the answer…but I like to see the slow head shake, “No.” I’ll smirk & bit and purr in your ear, “Are you sure?” You’ll sigh again & nod, “Yes.” But this point, yes, you’ll be trembling just a bit..but later I’ll tell you that you weren’t…& you’ll smile at my sweet, tiny lie. And when my lips actually touch your skin, right behind your ear, you’ll no longer hear the music. you’ll gasp and close your eyes. And pray with every pore that I just do that “one more time”. But I know all you want is one more time.. And you’ll shiver…and I’ll enjoy every nanosecond between that shiver and the all-out groan you let out when I softly kiss your neck. With baited breath you’ll wait for another. And another. And the faster I kiss, the faster you’ll breathe. Until you’re panting, and I’m leaving little wet kisses on the back of your neck. Brushing your hair aside, I’ll whisper, “You taste so damn good, Jen.” And that.. is when Miss Jennifer will decide she’s gonna have a taste too. And you’ll notice the dark corner, and you’ll see the faces not looking at you and you’ll turn in my arms and I’ll pretend I don’t see it coming. And without stopping to think, you’ll kiss me. Just a simple kiss.. lips pressed against lips…just a touch. And you’ll flush…and blush…and pull back expecting me to smile at your simplicity and lack of finesse….but I won’t smile eyes will have gone dark..and you’ll almost ask if I’m okay..but the words won’t make it out… My lips will nestle between yours and we’ll barely separate before coming back together again. And you’ll decide..“Yes…yes…this is good.” And you’ll kiss me again. And I’ll pull you hard against me. And you’ll think you’re losing your mind but it feels just… “So damn good.” You’ll grasp my hips to steady yourself and when I pull back for air, you’ll scan my eyes for any sign that you “did it right”. That’s when I’ll smile slowly and say, “Damn…if you’re teasing me…please, Jesus, don’t stop now.” Blushing again, you’ll say something like, “Oh hush!” And I’ll reach out and touch your face and tell you honestly what you made me feel. “Jen, I know this is new for you. And I’m okay if I don’t kiss you again. But you should know…I really, REALLY want to.”


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