Not so soft

This time it’s not soft. There is nothing sweet about how you’re looking at me, the way we’re kissing, or what’s going through my head. There’s a breathless quality to your words when you whisper, “Take this off.”

You tug at my t-shirt and I smile against your lips, “Just a minute.” I reach down and peel the fabric off as I feel your hands on my stomach, “Shit,” I gasp, “your hands are cold.”

“Mhmm,” you mumble against my throat, “your body is hot.”

I reach down and undo the first few buttons of your shirt as you scatter kisses over my chest and shoulders, “No shit,” just then your tongue flicks along my collarbone and I gasp,” damn.” I shake my head just a moment as you reach around and grab my ass to pull me hard against you.

You moan softly, “Damn, baby, you smell good.” I finally get all the buttons unfastened and shove the blouse off your shoulders. You shrug your shoulders to let it fall at your feet and I take this chance to grab a breast and brush my thumb over an already hardening nipple. Your throaty gasp does things to me that it probably shouldn’t when you say, “Pinch.”

With a wicked smile, I look into your eyes and whisper, “Tell me when to stop.”

My fingers close around that nipple and your eyes close slowly, “Harder. Harder. Jesus just like that.” I roll it between my fingers and watch your lips move wordlessly, “Fuck yeah.”

Without reservation, I dip my tongue into your mouth and you suck hard to keep it there, making me moan. Your hands quickly rid me of the rest of my clothes as I try to distract you with my fingertips and lips on your face and ears and neck. Your hands guide my shoulders back against the wall as your thigh pins me there. As your lips make a trail down my chest to a nipple, I press my head against the wall and curse with a smile, “Damn. Now you got me.”

With a wicked smile you make a show of flicking your tongue over my nipple as I watch, “Mhmm I do.”

Your tongue, pointed and deliberate, makes circles around that same nipple and I pull the clip out of my hair before taking the holder out of yours. When your teeth close around it gently and tug, I bury my hands in your hair with a groan, “Ah, shit, yeah.”

I arch hard against you and reach for the button of your jeans before you stop me, “No.” You stand to look me in the face now and your eyes twinkle a bit, “Not yet.”

“What?” I am completely confused now, “Babe?” I reach up and brush hair out of your face so that I can look you in the eyes, “Why?”

“Because,” you whisper, turning me around to face the wall, “I’m in charge this time.” You kiss the back of my neck, making me completely breathless, before whispering, “And I want you this way.”

I press my forehead to the wall, close my eyes, and groan, “Oh fuck.” I know exactly what’s coming and your smile against my shoulder confirms what I already know…This time I’ll be the one begging.

Firmly grabbing my hips, you moan in my ear, “I’ve wanted to do this to you for as long as I can remember.” I shiver and can only nod. You continue, “And now,” you press your hips against me and I begin to tremble a bit, “I’m going to have you just like I want you.”

Normally I’d wonder how long you’d had it on or where you’d gotten it or how I hadn’t noticed it before. When thinking clearly, I might even venture to ask you those questions. But when you growl in my ear, I don’t really care for the answers anymore, “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to love it.”

Palms and cheek pressed to the wall, I can only moan when I feel your fingers brush against the wettest part of me. When they slip easily in, my knees almost buckle. In and out, with deadly precision, you stoke the fire inside me and get me ready for everything else you’re going to do to me. You kiss and bite the back of my neck and I shiver all over, “Damn, baby,” I gasp.

Vaguely I can feel your bare thigh against the back of mine but it’s not until your nipples press against my back that I realize you’re totally naked behind me now. With one hand you grab my hip and pull me away from the wall, bending me at the waist until I’m in the position you want me in. One of your hands holds one of mine against the wall as the other brushes firmly down my arched spine. I look back at you and watch you bite your bottom lip as you watch that hand massage the curve of my hip. You see me looking and you smirk, “You’re so fucking sexy right now.”

With space between the top halves of our bodies, you lean into my ear, “How much do you want me?”

My free hand grabs yours and guides it between my legs, making you groan a curse word in my ear before I reply, “That much.” Our fingers circle my clit together and I gasp, “Do you feel what you do to me?” You sigh, “yes” in my ear and I respond, “Then do something about it.”

After the slightest adjustment of your hips, you slide into me with a groan, “Mmm baby.” With the entire length inside me, you pause to let my body get used to the new addition.

It feels like every nerve in my body is turned on and awake. I feel you everywhere, not just behind me, but inside and all around. To signal that I’m ready, I press against the wall just a bit and then back against you. I hear your breath catch and then feel your breath on my shoulder as you begin a rhythm. Needing the extra support, I press both hands against the wall, “Yes, baby. Oh my God.”

You pull back and then slowly forward against me again. I lean forward a little further, pressing against you and at a different angle, making you groan, “You keep doing that and I might forget to be easy.”

Looking back at you, I whip my hips around and slam back against you, “Get real. We don’t want easy.” We make eye contact and your eyes darken when I challenge you, “Fuck me.” When you grab a fistful of my hair, I shiver and breathe, “Yes.”

It’s almost a fight, really, this pushing and pulling against each other. Your back arches and mine bows. My head drops forward and you pull it back to grunt in my ear, “Take it.” When you’re not growling encouragement in my ear, you’re biting my neck and shoulders. When your hands aren’t on my hips guiding me forward and back against you, they’re in my hair or pinching and pulling my nipples. I can tell you’re as turned on as I am because your body gets impossibly hotter and I become aware of wetness against my thigh that isn’t just sweat.

Pressing your forehead against the back of my head, you groan, “Are you gonna cum for me?”

I reach back with one hand and bury it in your hair, holding your head to mine as I snarl, “Yes. Don’t stop. Just like that, baby.” I close my eyes and drop my head forward, whispering, “Please. Oh my God.”

Your voice is close to my ear as you reach around and stroke my clit with your thumb, “Baby, you are so fucking wet.” You don’t wait for a response before continuing breathlessly, “Wet and hot and so fucking sexy. I didn’t want you to give it to me. I wanted to take it. But now,” you bite my neck hard, making me whimper before adding, ”I want you to beg.”

The sound of our bodies only feeds the fire that’s about to erupt inside both of us and you hold yourself off just long enough to make me ask for it, “Please, babe, please.”

You grit your teeth almost angrily against my ear, “Please what? What do you want, baby?”

Knowing I’m almost there, you read my body with a lover’s accuracy and begin to stroke hard and deep, making me almost cry out, “Please let me cum. Baby please!”

Not satisfied, you ask, “What did you say?” Your thumbs speeds up on my clit and you know I’m seconds away.

“Plea-“ I begin and then stop. Gasping for air, with my knees shaking, I look back at you, “Please let me cum.”

Your lips crush mine as you plunge into me to the hilt. When you move again, it’s in a short rocking motion meant to prolong the orgasm. When our lips part, you groan, “Ohh yeah,” and your arms wrap around my waist, holding me to you.

With my palms still against the wall, I press the top of my head between them and close my eyes as the orgasm radiates through me, “Fuck! Oh God!” I can feel your head between my shoulders and then your lips kissing me softly, over and over, as I tremble with aftershocks, “God.”

You moan from somewhere deep and then smirk, “Mmm yes?”

I can’t stop the exhausted chuckle, “Thank you.”

Laughing lightly, you answer in a deep, fake voice, “Mmm no. Thank you!”


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