Just say…yes

Dark skin, colored by history, not the sun, against pale flesh. Kind of like hot chocolate under the whipped cream. Didi moves under Sue and closes her eyes. The hairs on her neck are standing on end. She’s got chill bumps. What started as a kiss is now quickly moving into unknown territory for them.

Sue’s breath dances around Didi’s ear and the younger girl moans. Sue breaks the silence with words, “D, I don’t know if I can hold back.” Didi’s eyes open and Sue pulls her head back. She looks down into those pleading brown eyes, “So if you don’t want to do this, you better tell me now. Right now.” She inhales, waiting on the rejection, the excuses. Didi gulps and shifts her eyes from Sue’s to the ceiling beyond.

Taking that as her cue to go, Sue pushes herself off D’s body. Her mind, shut down by the overload of physical contact with Didi, is now beginning to come out of the fog. She swallows hard against the sting of tears that threaten to show Didi just how emotionally vulnerable she’s made herself.

Didi, now sitting on the edge of the bed and struggling with her own emotions, tries to ease the pain of the blow she just dealt, “I’m sorry, Sue, I just, I can’t. I don’t kno-”

Sue cuts her off, “Don’t worry about it, yeah. It’s nothing. No big deal, right?” She tucks her shirt back into her pants and grabs her jacket off the floor, “I’m gonna go. You have a nice night.” She makes it to the door, but her fingers fumble with the deadbolt. A hand comes from behind her as Didi presses her palm against the door. She feels breath in her hair and can just barely feel the heat coming from the body behind her.

Trying not to shake with desire, Didi leans down to whisper in Sue’s ear, “Stay.”

She whispers back even though there is no one else in the apartment, “I can’t.”


“You don’t want me to.”

“Yes I do.”

“But you didn’t say so. You said you couldn’t.”

Didi pauses and bites her bottom lip. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath of Sue’s hair. The mixture of shampoo and desire bring out the passion in her. Her voice still a whisper, she replies, “I can now.” Sue turns around and presses herself against the door. Didi closes the gap between them and stares very deeply into the woman’s eyes.

Sue gulps, “D, don’t start something you’re not emotionally ready to finish.”

Didi places her finger over Sue’s lips to silence her before whispering, “I said I couldn’t because I’m scared I won’t be good enough. God, Sue, don’t you know I want to? I can just imagine what it’d be like.” Didi closes her eyes.

Sue watches the emotion play across her face as she continues, “Like the first time I kissed you, it would go slowly, like a tease all in itself. I can imagine what your hands would feel like. To know what your skin tastes like…your fingers, and shoulders. To know what your legs between mine really feels like instead of imagining it. Skin against skin, like a little bit ago. I can’t imagine how…awesome it would feel to make love to you.” Didi’s eyes slowly open.

Heat rushes to Sue’s cheeks and she looks away from Didi’s stare briefly, “You think about that?”

Didi nods and reaches out with her left hand to brush Sue’s cheek, “All the time. I can’t sleep at night. You make me so light-headed sometimes. I can barely stand it, the way that I want you.”

A short, nervous laugh escapes Sue’s lips just before she shivers. Didi’s hand has found its way to the sensitive skin of her neck and the fingers are teasing her there. Soft little circles drawn on that skin cause her to take in and hold a breath. She releases it and closes her eyes, “Me too. I imagine us making love. The way it’d feel. I dream about it. God, I wish you could see. It’s so perfect. You and me.”

Didi closes her eyes, “Kissing, touching, the moaning.”

“I want you so bad sometimes I can barely breathe. Backs arching, fingers and tongues, legs that go for miles all tangled up.”

“It would feel so good.”

“Yes, it would.”

“Please say you’ll stay. I want you. I need you. Please say yes.”


Their eyes meet second before their lips. Clothes, walls, facades, and guards are shed as they make their way to the bedroom.

Stretched out on the bed minutes later, Didi looks up at Sue’s face. Lit by the only light around, the streetlight outside, there’s only enough light to make out silhouettes of bits and pieces of the woman she loves. Didi reaches up blindly and Sue’s lips find her fingertips. Didi feels the woman’s hands on her ribcage just before those lips abandon her fingers and begin a teasing trail from Didi’s neck and collar bone past her waist.

Some time later, it’s Sue who’s looking up into Didi’s face. The younger girl, with a size advantage, can use her fingers to bring Sue to the brink of an explosion and still gaze lovingly into her eyes. As the climax hits her, Sue closes her eyes and prays that the image burns itself into her retina: Didi’s face half-lit, eyes twinkling in the semi-darkness, a faint sheen of perspiration on her skin, and a smile on her lips.

Hours later, Didi’s eyes are taunted open by the sun. As her eyes focus, they land on a pale shoulder against her cheek. Her heart completely melts as she remembers that she fell asleep with Sue. She takes inventory of her body and realizes that she’s nestled against Sue. They are front-to-front, with Didi’s head on the other woman’s shoulder and her right leg draped over Sue’s right leg. Didi shifts only a little to look up into the face of her lover. There are little makeup smudges under Sue’s lashes and a little red stripe on her cheek from the pillow. Didi smiles to herself and nuzzles the soft skin of Sue’s shoulder as she watches the woman wake up.

Sue’s eyes flutter a little and she takes in a deep, long breath. She scrunches her face against the bright light of morning and slowly becomes aware of someone watching her. She’s not shocked by that as much as she is the awareness that someone’s in the bed with her. Furthermore, she’s pretty sure she’s not in her own bed. When she hears a voice bid her good morning, her memory comes back. She opens her eyes with a smile, “Good morning.”

Didi blushes a little bit, “You feelin’ alright?”

Sue wiggles a little bit to free her left hand from the sheet and then moans, “Mmm, I feel fine. You?”

There’s more blushing and a nod, “Yeah.” As an afterthought, Didi adds, “Do you want breakfast?”

“Sure. Only if you cook, because I’m not too good at anything but toast.” Sue chuckles and then, in horror, covers her mouth, “Oh no, I don’t have a toothbrush!”

Didi laughs and shakes her head. She tries to sit up and keep her bedmate covered, “That’s not what I imagined you’d say if you woke up next to me naked. But I guess it’ll just have to do.”

Sue sits up, “Aww I’m sorry. It’s just. Oh lord, I’m offending myself!” She grimaces, “It’s really bad!”

Didi laughs, “Alright, I have extra toothbrushes. They’re under the sink. I’ll get started on breakfast and you take the bathroom. We’ll switch when you make the toast.” Didi winks.

Sue nods and watches Didi’s naked body exit the bed without reservation, admiring the curves and shadows. She finds herself remembering nuances about that body and wanting her again. “Deal.” She wraps the sheet around herself as Didi pulls on a pair of boxers and a tank top. She shuffles to the bathroom without another word.

Didi watches the tail of her sheet disappear through her bedroom door and smiles. In the kitchen, she gets the eggs and bacon going before Sue emerges. She’s flipping the bacon as a pair of pale arms snake around her bared waist and a cheek is pressed between her shoulder blades. She notices the color difference again and revels in it.

“Now it’s a good morning. The best morning.” Sue sighs and closes her eyes. The smell of Didi and bacon is the perfect wakeup call.

Didi sighs and moans, feeling the heartbeat against her spine, “I totally agree.”



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