Big Kid

“You now possess the power to act like a big kid”

Katie knocks impatiently for the fourth time on Candace’s door before muttering to herself, “She’s probably asleep.” She sighs and opens the door gently. Her eyes adjust to the darkness of the room as she shuts the door quietly behind her. She quickly covers her mouth and tries not to laugh out loud.

Candace is curled up on the floor, wrapped around her body pillow. She’s in her pj’s and buried under 4 blankets. Her hair is disheveled, the side of her face is marked where she’s been laying on the pillow, and she’s snoring slightly. But that’s not what Katie’s amused by. It’s what’s she’s sleeping in..or, under, rather.

Candace has taken the two desk chairs in her dorm room and put them approximately 5 feet apart and made a triangle out of them and her dresser. Over the back of them, she’s draped a rather large blanket. Therefore making herself a tent to sleep in. She put her space heater about 5 feet away from the “fort”. This is probably her solution to making her room a little more warm…the heater blows into the tent and the blanket traps the heat, forcing it down around her.

Katie has to admit that it’s a pretty ingenious invention, but just proves that Candace is one big kid. She doesn’t have the heart to wake the girl up, she unintentionally leans against the door and watches her sleep. She notices the freckles on her nose, the light blonde highlights of her hair, and the long eyelashes resting against her cheeks. Katie moves to squat beside the sleeping girl and brushes hair from Candace’s face.

This movement causes Candace to stir a little and pulls her partially out of sleep. Once she realizes it’s Katie who’s beside her, she smiles sleepily. Katie whispers with a smile, “Hello, sleepyhead, I’m here for my jacket.”

Candace, much to Katie’s surprise, raises herself up and kisses her on the mouth. She then lays back down and just before falling back to sleep says, “Okay…I love you, Katie.”

Katie is dumbfounded, shocked, and …what’s this? Her heart is in her throat and beating madly. Surely this is a joke and Candace is awake and the team is behind it and …… Katie stands abruptly and looks around franticly. She realizes that she’s the only other person in the room and backs herself against the door. Her hand falls on the collar of her coat that’s draped over the door knob of Candace’s closet. That’s all she was after. She grabs it and leaves the room, closing the door silently behind her.

She stands in the hallway, the light bright in her eyes, her breath coming in short gasps. She closes her eyes against the light and sees Candace’s face instead. She watches in her mind’s eye as the girl kisses her again. Katie’s hand comes up to touch her own lips softly, remembering the way Candace’s lips felt on hers. Was Candace dreaming about her? Was it a normal thing for Candace to kiss her in her dreams? Was she serious when she said she loved her?

“Katie, dude, are you comin’?” Emily yells from the other end of the hallway.

Katie’s eyes fly open, “Oh, yeah.” She turns to face the door as she pulls her jacket on. Before walking away, she lays her hand on the door and whispers, “I love you too, Squeak.”


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