Friendship Prayer

“You never know what you’ve got until it is gone,”
Lord, let me never know what it’s like to be truly alone.
I go through this life touching so very few,
And those who’ve touched me probably never knew
The legacy they left, or the smile they never got to see.
Nor did they know just how deeply they affected me.

I pray that I might, from this day to my last,
Project my emotions, and not hold them fast
Out of fear of rejection, or that I won’t be understood
For I never know when they might do someone else some good.
Let me always show my gratitude for things someone has done.
And may songs of those less “visible” never go unsung.

May I watch over my friends as I would watch over my own child.
May my heart always be in check and my temper ever be mild.
May I not allow my day to be so easily ruined by things trivial and small
And may every day I live, I give my all and all.
May I bring to everyone’s life a small ray of sunshine,
Just like the person who is reading this, brings into mine.


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