Sometimes words are just intentions without action.

Excuses to not make a fool of yourself. 

Reasons to not accomplish all that you can.

Ways to hurt someone who, perhaps, has hurt you first.

A method by which you convey your thoughts…

Or tell someone what you think, believe, or feel.

Sometimes they are like daggers, meant to injure.

Sometimes they are like a balm meant to make it all better.

They can soothe, heal, excuse, and free.

They can inhibit, harm, damage, and cause trauma.

Words are power,

And the lack thereof.

And I use them..all the time…

for these purposes and many more.

I abuse them, control them, flaunt them, and twist them.

They are my method of choice in this skill I call my art.

Writing is my way to get out every feeling that I have…

The good

The bad

The confusing

The horrible

The beautiful

The confounding

The harmful

The acceptable

The pain….

Without them, I think that I would be trapped in this body…

Waiting on the end to come and glad when it gets here.

But since you..since this..since us…

I am at a loss for words.

They now use me…control me, in their absence.

I cannot formulate a thought when I look into your eyes.

I cannot dream of anything beautiful to say when I see your smile.

I can’t string them together to fully describe …anything.

People have taken my body…

They have used my mind…

They have abused my heart…

People have even managed to leave me speechless.

But I knew you were beyond every other soul…

When you took my words…..

and I didn’t want them back.


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