To you…

I see all the beauty inside you
The beauty you think doesn’t exist.
And you hide it well, out of shame,
As if I don’t taste it in your kiss.

Confusion is human nature
Failure, sometimes, is a given.
But if you never let go and try…
No one will ever accuse you of livin’.

If you don’t take a chance or give in to the risk,
How will you ever know what could have been?
And how could you continue living with yourself?
Could you trust yourself in that situation again?

If you put nothing into it,
You will get nothing out.
Experiencing all life has to offer
Is what breathing is about.

You don’t have all the answers,
Guess what…you’re not meant to.
But if you don’t search out the questions,
The version of you left won’t be the best you.

And if you’d just let go and breathe,
I think you will quickly find…
That loving and being secure in that love,
Is an experience of the best kind.

You don’t have to understand everything,
You don’t have to abandon it all.
But if you don’t take any steps
How can you ever expect to fall?

And if that’s not what you want,
If you don’t want to love me…
Then please, for the love of God,
Just let me be.


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