Better than chocolate

Mandy laughs as Kelli twirls her around the kitchen, “Oh my god, don’t tell me you’re going to sing!”

“Your love is better than ice cream.” Kelli sings, “Better than anything else that I’ve tried. Your love is better than ice cream. Everyone here knows how to cry.”

She giggles and swings Mandy around again, causing the woman to laugh loudly and blush bright red. “You’re nuts!” Mandy laughs, “But I love you!” They twirl around the kitchen and sing to each other as the song slowly fades away.

Towards the end, Kelli hugs Mandy close to her and sighs against the woman’s hair, “I love you, too.” Mandy picks her head up from where it rested, “Didn’t you say something about dessert?”

She smiles up at her lover with a twinkle in her eyes. Kelli smiles back down at her and smirks, “Yes, I did mention dessert, didn’t I? Hmm, well let’s see what we’ve got in here.”

She moves to open cabinets, naming their dessert possibilities, “There’s chips. Cookies. Popcorn. Rice cakes…how did those get in there?” She giggles, “Ummm, there’s peanut brittle and Swiss Rolls. You want a Swiss Roll?”

She turns to Mandy just in time to see the woman pull the ponytail holder from her hair…the only piece of fabric she had left on her body. Kelli clears her throat, “Last time I looked, you had on a layer of clothes.”

“Well,” Mandy says, “I found something for dessert.” With an evil grin she holds up an unopened bottle of chocolate syrup, “You in, Watson?”

Kelli smiles back at the woman and slams the cabinet door she’d been holding open, “Hell yes, I’m in!”

Mandy takes off running in the direction of the upstairs bathroom as Kelli follows, shedding clothing along the way, “I’m so gonna get you!” She laughs as she stumbles up her own stairs, “I’m coming!”

Mandy giggles like a school girl while standing in the tub of the bathroom. When Kelli enters the bathroom they lock eyes. Mandy whispers, “Who first?”

Kelli, now naked and panting from the chase, whispers back, “You.”

Mandy uncaps the bottle and begins to drizzle chocolate sauce all over herself.

Kelli watches as the drops land in a thin brown line across her chest, over her shoulders, down her arms, and drips off her fingers. She unconsciously licks her lips as Mandy continues the line from the hollow of her throat down between her breasts, over the ridges of her stomach, and lower. Mandy looks up, “Down the legs, too?”

Kelli, anxious to see what chocolate-covered Mandy tastes like, mumbles, “Let’s start with that and go from there.” She steps to the tub and leans down for a kiss. Before she can press her lips against Mandy’s, the woman smears chocolate on her lips.

Their kiss is sloppy and chocolaty and wonderful. Kelli pulls back and laughs, “That tastes good. Let me try another place.” She leans forward and drags her tongue along the chocolate line that lies across Mandy’s chest.

Mandy sighs and resists the urge to bury her hands in the woman’s hair…she has chocolate on them, after all. So she closes her eyes and chews her bottom lip to keep from continuously moaning Kelli’s name. But when Kelli’s tongue delves in between her fingers, she can’t help the groan that escapes her lips, “God.”

Kelli, her mouth covered in chocolate, smiles up at Mandy’s closed eyes and whispers, “Try again.”

Mandy’s eyes open as slowly as her smile grows and she says, “Kelli.”

Kelli nods, never breaking eye contact with her, “That’s better.”

“You’re driving me crazy,” Mandy breathes.

Kelli shakes her head, “Us…I’m driving us crazy.”

Mandy smiles, “Us. If this is affecting you just as much, why don’t you just end my torture, then?”

Her smile turns slightly naughty as Kelli steps into the tub with her. Kelli closes the curtain rod without a word and turns on the water, allowing it to run down her own back. The water is cooler than her own skin, so she hisses when it slides down her spine and chooses a leg as its exit ramp. She shivers slightly. Her arms wrap around Mandy as the water turns warmer and she kisses the woman deeply.

Mandy’s arms instinctively wrap around Kelli’s waist and she melts into the larger woman’s form. She can taste chocolate on Kelli’s lips and she shivers knowing that the sticky substance once resided on her own collarbone. Their tongues duel for position…even though no one loses in this match.

Kelli presses the smaller woman against the wall of the shower which is significantly colder than expected. Mandy’s back arches hard against Kelli’s, but Kelli doesn’t seem to mind. She takes the opportunity to cup Mandy’s breasts in her hands and deepen their kiss when Mandy’s mouth opens wider.

Mandy moans against Kelli’s lips and her body reacts to the woman’s hands. There is no stopping it now. Her body will be played like an instrument in Kelli’s hands. Chocolate covered and panting, she will take all that she can before offering her lover the biggest dessert of all.

And once she has given all she can, they will exchange roles and she will get served a dessert just as sweet. In the aftermath of their sticky-chocolaty-shower, they lie side-by-side in Kelli’s bed with the taller woman spooning the other.

Mandy’s eyes drift closed and her smile remains as she feels herself drifting to sleep while Kelli very softly sings in her ear, “Your love is better than chocolate. Better than anything else that I’ve tried.”


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