A night

NOTE: Continuation is “Only You”

The word “pimp” has never been used to describe her, but looking at her now you wouldn’t know it.

It’s almost laughable, really. Her in a black fedora, tilted to the side of course, wearing a tank top of the same color and a pair of skin tight jeans…not exactly the way she usually dresses. Then again…you’ve never really looked at her like this before. She’s never danced like that before. It’s almost mesmerizing.

Her hips…moving around like that. Against that guy. You envy him, really. Her long legs spread, allowing his thigh to slide between hers. You watch his hands slide around her hips and almost want to stop him. When she leans back and he puts his face between her breasts, you gasp and stand abruptly. That’s crossing a line! He shouldn’t be touching her there!

But why not? She seems to like him. He seems to like her. Why shouldn’t he touch her? Why shouldn’t he smile at her and hold her and press against her?

Because it’s wrong, that’s why! Because…because…she’s your friend and you have a moral obligation to stop this nonsense!

You storm onto the floor, bumping into bodies as you make your way to their writhing forms. Her eyes catch yours as you approach and something in them makes you slow your steps. You can’t look away. What is that? Is that..wait. What is that?

She smiles seductively at you when you step up to her, “Did you want to cut in?”

The thought crosses your mind to cut in and dance with him. He’s cute and has a great smile. Yeah, as a matter of fact, you do want to dance with him. You look back at her and smile, “Yeah.”

She smiles and flicks her hand at the guy, “Thanks. We got it from here.”

Stunned, he moves away and leaves you with the expression of shock, “What are you doing?”

She wraps her arms around you and makes you shudder when she leans down and breathes, “Isn’t this what you’ve wanted?” Her hips bump against you, making your body temperature jack up about 40 degrees. Her voice, dripping with sex in your ear, doesn’t help matters, “You’ve been watching me since we got here. Watching me dance with these guys. You’ve been fuming most of the night about it too.” Her hands press against your back and you sigh, “That’s it, baby. Just like that. Just let go. Forget everyone else. It’s just me and you.”

The dance floor was hot before, but you’re convinced that ever since her hands touched your body, there’s been a flame under your feet. And when she begins to gyrate against you, rolling her hips around and around, you can only hold on to her hips and watch them rub against yours. The tank top is so tight you can see the muscles ripple in her stomach. Her arm muscles undulate under the tanned skin and you wonder why you never noticed how…how…hot she is.

Once, when you were just barely sixteen, there was a conversation between you and your best friend. She told you that once you’re in a situation where sex is involved you would just “know what to do”. You never believed her. Now, however, looking into her eyes as she raises back up and towers over you, you believe her with every ounce of your being.

You reach up and run both hands down her cheeks, her neck, over her shoulders, down those strong arms, and then leaving them to rest on her hips. You wonder if that was really a shiver or if the world just shook a little.

She reaches down and pulls you closer, her thigh coming between yours to rest against the most sensitive part of you. Only…you never realized that it was the most sensitive part…but you do now. And the constant pressure there is making you insane with…what is that?

When her hand moves away from your back and tilts your head up towards her own, you realize what it is. It’s lust. Pure, unadulterated lust. And you feel it, too. You watch as a bead of sweat makes it way down her collarbone and between her breasts and you immediately want to capture it on your tongue and find any other stragglers you might have left behind. But her eyes…they’ve caught you. And in that instant you know it more clearly than you have ever known anything.

You’re hers and only hers. At least for a night.



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