Out of the corner of her eye she sees the guy stretching Didi’s leg. She turns, aghast at the sight of the man holding the tan leg in his hand. He bends the leg up and stretches it back out. Up, out…up, out…up. Suzanne watches for a full two minutes before snapping out of it. She clears her throat and ambles over, “Hey Tate, seems like a pretty easy job you got there.”

Didi looks up at her and smiles, “Yeah. It’s a tough one, but someone has to do it.” She winces slightly because, truth be known, it really hurts.

Suz’s voice drops, “Hurts, huh?”

“Yeah.” She breathes, “Bad.”

Suz’s jaw clenches at the idea of anything hurting Didi. She fights the urge to push the man away and cover the ailing girl with her own able body. She chooses, instead, to make the girl laugh, “Hey, damn Didi. You’re showin’ your shit to everyone.”

Confused, Tate forgets the pain a moment, “What are you talking about?”

Suz leans down and grabs the baggy leg of Didi’s basketball shorts, “Your shorts are showing more than you need to be.” She grins as big as she can with her hand between the woman’s legs.

Tate’s eyes twinkle, “Thank you for putting your hand in my personal groin space. What are you doing looking in the first place?”

She pales and fumbles for words, “Uh..I…just wanted to…”

“I’m flattered. Don’t act shy.” She smiles at the trainer working her leg, “Can we stop now? I’m dying here.”

He moves away and Suzi bites her bottom lip, “You’re flattered?”

“Of course. A good lookin’ girl like you. Lookin’ at my crotch? And touching it for that matter? Of course I’m flattered.” She holds up her hands, “Help me up.”

Suzanne grabs the girl’s hands and pulls her up a little harder than she anticipated. Didi bumps against her chest and wraps her arms around Suz’s neck for balance. Suzi groans, “I’m sorry.”

Didi bends her head down to meet Suz’s shocked gaze. Her voice lowers as well, “Don’t be. I kinda like it a little rough.” Before turning to hobble away she winks and smiles.

Suz gulps hard and manages, “Yeah, well don’t expect me to slap your ass or anything!”

Didi stops walking and turns on a dime. With every ounce of sexual innuendo in her body she growls, “Yeah? Well don’t be surprised when I slap yours.”

Suzanne mumbles to herself, “Sweet Jesus.”


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