Suzanne laughs until tears are coming from her eyes, “Ohhh man, that’s funny!” She leans over on Didi, who’s laughing herself, and continues to laugh hysterically.

Didi wipes her eyes and turns to look behind her at Candace, “You’re killin’ me, dawg.”

Candace shrugs, “I’m just sayin’.”

Sue sits upright again and wipes her eyes with her shirt sleeve, “God damn, Candi. That was hilarious.”

Didi’s shoulder is still burning from the touch of Sue against her, but she manages to mumble, “For real, though.” The volleyball game ends and the girls stand to leave. Didi straightens her button down shirt just as a girl steps up to her, “Excuse me, Didi?” She wheels around on her heel, “Yeah?”

The girl giggles and blushes, “Can I have your autograph?”

Didi points to her own chest and asks, “Mine?” Her shock is evident.

Sue steps up beside her, having heard the exchange, “Yeah, you, D. Why not? You’re a hottie!”

Didi blushes, though her skin tone doesn’t show it. She holds out her hand for the paper the girl’s holding, “Sure, I’ll sign it. What’s your name?”

Sue pipes up, giving the girl an appreciative glance that isn’t lost on Didi, “Yeah, what’s your name?”

Instantly Didi gets jealous. She doesn’t look at me like that. She signs the autograph to Mel and adds, “Keep it real” before scrawling her signature below it. She hands the paper back with a smile and the girl gallops off, holding it to her chest. She turns to face Sue who’s smiling at her, “What?”

“Nothing.” With that, Sue turns and walks away.

Didi runs to catch up, “No, tell me. What?”

Sue shrugs as she walks through the door to the arena and out into the cold air, “I just finally see what she sees in you.”

“What do you mean?”

She wraps her arms around herself, trying to stay warm. Sue sighs, “Let’s just drop it, alright?”

Didi stops walking and stands in the middle of the parking lot, “But I want to talk about it.”

The older girl stops with a sigh and turns, “Let’s get to the car and then we’ll talk about it, okay?”


Once they’re in the car, Sue begins, “That girl was obviously head over heels for you.”

Didi shakes her head as she puts on her seat belt, “You’re crazy.”

Sue laughs, “Are you that blind?” When she gets nothing but a blank stare, she shakes her own head and cranks up the car, “You really are something else.” She backs out of the parking place and continues, “D, you’re pretty, you’re really smart, and you can play ball. What more could a woman ask for?”

Didi snorts, “You’re fuckin’ kiddin’ me, right?”

“No, why would I kid you about this?” Sue speeds them towards the club they’re going to meet the other girls at. The silence is overwhelming. She’s not really sure where she’s headed with this conversation, but she’s determined that Didi’s going to believe her by the time they’re done.

The younger girl thinks about Sue’s question and decides to go for it, “Well, what more do you want?”

The question blind-sides Sue and her brain sifts through thoughts at a slow pace until she mumbles, “Well, nothing more, I guess.”

They pull up at the bar and sit in silence, the heat from the heater is too much for them, and Didi reaches to turn it off. Then Sue decides not to waste gas, so she turns off the car altogether. They sit looking out their respective windows. The night is cold and every building is spewing “smoke” from their tops that matches the breath coming from Didi’s parted lips.

Sue shifts in her seat, “So what does that mean to you?”

Didi turns to face her, “I don’t know. I was just wondering.”

“Nah, there’s got to be more than that.” Sue shakes her head, “I don’t believe that was all. Not for a minute.”

Didi would be blushing again, but she manages to spit out, “Well, forget about it. It’s nothing.”

Sue watches as the girl’s eyes fall to the hands in her lap, and she realizes something. Didi likes me.

Didi wants Sue to like her back and wonders what she doesn’t have that Sue’s looking for.

Sue smiles to herself, “Hey D.”

She turns to the woman, “Yeah?”

“You got everything I could want in a girl. Everything.”


Sue shrugs, “Ain’t no ‘but’. You just ain’t asked me out yet.”

Didi gasps, “I ain’t supposed to ask you out! You’re supposed to ask me out!”

Suzanne takes her keys from the ignition and Didi opens her own door, “No I’m not. You’re the one in the button-down shirt.”

Didi says over the top of the car, “But you’re in the baggy jeans.”

Sue tugs at her own pants leg, “Yeah, but that don’t mean nothin’.” They walk to the door in silence. Sue reaches out and grabs the door handle to hold open the door for the girl, “Hey Didi?”


“Would you like to have dinner with me sometime next week?”

She looks down at her feet and then back up, “I’d love to.” She enters the building with Sue right on her heels.

“Good. Now that we got that settled, you gotta dance with me. And then later I’ma show you what’s under these here baggy jeans.” Sue grins and winks at her as pays her entry fee to the club.

Didi Tate blushes…and this time, everyone can tell.


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