“Hi Amy.”

Amy’s body tenses. A smile spreads across her face. She glances around to see if anyone’s watching her, then she remembers that she’s alone, “Hi, Tishi. Long time no talk.”

Tisha smiles on the other end of the line. She’d forgotten how much hearing Amy call her “Tishi” made her feel loved. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I guess I just needed…a…cooling off period or something.”

Amy takes the cordless phone into the living room where bridal magazines are strewn all over. She takes a seat on the couch and crosses her legs, “Yeah. I know what you mean. I’ve been trying to keep busy, you know. Clipping articles and stuff. Just trying to keep my mind off-“

“Don’t do it, Amy.” Tisha’s voice comes out tight and nervous. “Please don’t marry him! I-I know when you got your divorce it scared me and I didn’t respond the way you wanted me to. I know I fucked it up.” she begins to cry. “But Amy, I swear, it will absolutely kill me if you marry that man!”

Amy closes her eyes to fight back the tears, “But Tisha, am I supposed to wait until you’re ready to break off your marriage for me?” Anger she’d been holding inside for almost a year comes bubbling out, “Am I supposed to sit back and be unhappy while you trounce around here on the arm of the man you swear to love? It’s not enough to know that you do love that man, but it’s me that you really want. It’s not enough. I need you, Tisha. I always have, but I can’t wait on you.” The tears can’t be held back any longer. She just lets them fall.

“So you’d rather be with him than wait for me?”

Amy tries to regain her composure, and then answers, “Yes. What else am I supposed to do? I waited a long time, Tishi, I couldn’t wait anymore.”

The silence is overwhelming, the two women, wiping tears, don’t really know what to say. The love they have for each other is strong; stronger than any they’ve felt for another human being. But time, family, society, their sport, everything prevents them from being together.

Amy breaks the silence, “Tish? Are you okay?”

Tisha sighs and works up the nerve to say what she’s wanted to say since the end of her soccer career, “I love you, Amy. I always have, and I always will. You mean everything, everything to me. I can not live without you.” She takes a deep breath, “And if I have to leave him to have you, then….I will.” She gulps, not sure what will happen next and praying that Amy will accept her offer.

Amy’s eyes widen, her body shudders as if her heart, dormant since last year, has just woken up and started beating again. She frantically looks around for a pen, “Tishi, are you sure? I mean, can you? What I mean is….are you sure?” She locates a pen and paper, “Where are you? What’s the address?” She then pauses a moment and realizes she’s crying again, “I love you too, Tisha, I love you too.”

Tisha smiles through the happy tears that run down her face, “I’m outside your front door.”

Shocked, Amy jumps up and runs to the door. She swings it open and is face to face with the love of her life. Tisha’s suitcase is on the front step, and her cell phone is to her ear. Amy says into her phone, “Hi.” She smiles.

Tisha slowly returns the smile and says into her cell, “Hi.”


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