What tha…

Erica looks up into the eyes of her attacker and is completely befuddled, “Britney?”

“Hey, Squirt! Sorry I fell all over you!” Britney moves to stand and gets tipped off-balance again by Erica’s foot. She giggles at herself, “Well, maybe I’ll just lay here on top of you. You don’t mind, do ya?”

Erica, practically speechless, must clear her throat to answer, “Nah, I don’t mind. If you don’t mind me lookin’ down your jersey.”

Britney smiles, “Well I’ll be damned, Vaseck, that’s about the cutest thing anyone your age has said to me in a long time.” She takes her left hand and brushes hair out of Erica’s face, “I could get used to laying on top of you.”

Erica blushes, “I could get used to you layin’ on me too. As long as whatever the fuck you have in your pocket isn’t there ever again!”

“Oh god, I’m sorry!” Britney rolls off the younger girl and checks her pocket, she removes her phone. “It’s my cell. I’m really sorry!”

Erica takes the opportunity to roll onto the woman, “Now that it’s out of the way, why don’t we try it like this?”

Britney giggles, “Well, aren’t we getting mighty friendly with each other? What’s gotten into us?”

Erica looks around, “Must be the New York weather.” She looks back down into Britney’s eyes, “But does it really matter?”

Breathless by the gaze, Britney responds in a whisper, “No. I guess not.”

Erica looks even harder into the woman’s eyes. Then she leans down and brushes her lips over Britney’s very gently. Her heart’s pounding in her chest. How will Britney respond? Will she retaliate?

Britney’s heart stops. She never expected this from the young girl. And although there are 5 years of differences between them, they don’t stop her from wrapping her arms around the girl and returning the passionate kiss. Their tongues dart tentatively around each other. Their concentrations focus solely on the lips against their own.

Erica’s palms press against the ground below Britney on either side of the woman’s chest. Britney’s hands roam Erica’s back, rubbing softly up and down the length of it. Erica shivers in response, making Britney smile against her lips.

Erica pulls her head back and smiles down into the woman’s face, “Like that, did ya?”

Britney puts on a serious face, “Whatever. I mean, it was nothing special.”

“Yeah. That’s what they say, too.” Erica’s eyes drift down

Britney’s body, away from her face. Britney looks down and covers her breasts, which are sporting hardened nipples, in mock horror, “Oh my god! What did you do?”

“I don’t know, Hamm, but I think you liked it!” Erica rolls off the woman and stands. She reaches down to help Britney up.

Britney smiles and takes the girl’s hand, “I’m really glad I ran into you.” She pulls the girl in for another kiss and wraps her arms around her.

When they part and she can speak again, Erica smiles, “Me too.”

“So what now?” Britney says, with a blush.

Erica looks around, “Well, right now you go that way” she points in the direction from which Britney came, “and I’ll go the other way.” She looks back at Britney’s questioning gaze, “And when you get home, just take a shower, and get ready…and I’ll pick you up at 8.”

Britney can’t help the huge smile, “Okay! 8 it is, then. I’ll be ready.”

“You better be.”

Britney smirks, “Why? You think you can do something I’m not ready for?”

“I can do so many things you’re not ready for, Hamm.” Erica nods, truly attempting to impress the clothes off this woman, without realizing that she’s done that already.

Britney puts her hands on her hips and her face two inches from Erica’s and says with a smirk, “Prove it.”


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