I am brave when I want to be.
And shy when I oughtn’t be.
I’m smart, and funny, and kind,
Because that is how I was taught to be.

I get along with most anyone.
I like laughing, joking, and just having fun.
I’m witty, and generous, and sometimes wise.
And I respond well to pressure when under the gun.

I am scared of little things, like spiders…and love.
I can’t stand ignorance, intolerance,….or bugs.
I’m brilliant, and sexy, and complicated.
And when put down…I always manage to rise above.

I am confused about where I’m going in life.
And I don’t always do the thing that’s right.
And although I have flashes of genius,
They always seem to come in the middle of the night!

I am trying to figure out what to do with this clay.
I have to make it a life…I have to find a way.
And it has to be livable, and honorable, and bold.
But most of all, it has to make me want to wake up every day.

I am hard-headed to a fault, convinced the one who’s right is me.
And though most of you think you know…I’m not who you see.
There is so much more here, you just don’t even know.
I am strong, I am trying, I am loved. I am Savi.


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