Half-dozen plus one

Challenge: Use bolded words in a single fic

“Knock, knock!” Kate calls out, instead of knocking on the door.

“Hey babe!” Leisha looks up from her computer and her pulse skips a beat.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m writing this thing called a ‘fic’. Have you heard about this new writing phenomenon that’s going around? You get a group of words from someone and you use them in a story. It’s really phat!”

Ignoring the fact that Leisha just used the word ‘phat’, Kate replies, “I figured you’d be asleep. And what’s with that frilly ass shirt?”

“I like my shirt. Shut up. Now give me 7 words.”

“I don’t want-”

“Give me 7 words before I hurt you physically.”

“Like I’m scared of that.”

“Fine, I just won’t have sex with you until you do, then!”

“Write these down.” Kate thinks a moment, “Lotion, jiggle, frame, squirrel, ice, decrepit, and habitat. Now can we have sex?”


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