Breanna Interview Part 3

Gail loads a new tape into her recorder as Breanna has gone to the restroom. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a photo on the wall. She gets out of her chair, stretching her arms above her head, and takes a closer look. A smile spreads across her face as she examines the picture. “They look so happy together.”

The picture was taken at Lacy’s reception dinner a few weeks ago. Gail had been there and remembers very well how happy Lacy and Bre had looked at the event. Breanna enters the room and steps up beside Gail, “That was a great night.”

Gail’s gaze doesn’t leave the picture, “Yeah. You could tell you two are so in love.” She takes a look over her shoulder at Bre and smiles, “It is really almost sickening.”

Bre laughs and playfully punches Gail’s arm, “Hey, don’t say that! You’ll find someone who makes you that happy one day!”

Gail shakes her head and takes her seat again, “That is highly doubtful.”

Bre lingers another moment at the picture, “I thought that too, at your age.” She glances at Gail, “You’re like, 20, right?” When Gail nods Breanna turns back to the picture, “Lord, you’ve got so much time left. I still have so much time left, I just happened to get lucky early.” She reaches up and tilts the picture a little bit farther to the left, straightening it. When it resumes its tilt she sighs and continues, “You can’t rush things like love. If you spend the first part of your life begging your way into love, you’ll spend the last half of your life begging your way out. Take your time and do it right the first time. You’ll be much happier that way.” Breanna moves to take her seat.

“You can tell that you’re happy together. And you can tell from that picture that you’re extremely happy for Lacy.”

Breanna nods, “I’m very happy for her. Not just because of her new position, but because it’s what she’s always wanted to do. If her goal had been to be the best garbage collector on the planet and she achieved that, I couldn’t be happier for her. To me, the goal is not what’s important. It’s the getting there. Lacy’s been through so much that could have held her back, but she didn’t allow it to. Overcoming those obstacles and still having the fortitude to achieve her dreams is what I’m most proud of her for.”

“You can tell that you support her implicitly. How did she get this job?”

Breanna tilts her head back, “Let’s see, that was, what, ten months ago? Yeah.” She looks at the younger woman, “Ten months ago she was working at a job that she was just holding on to until something better came along. I was watching her go through the motions. She was on auto-pilot and totally not enjoying herself.”

“Where was she then?”

“We were living in Georgia and she was the assistant coach at Georgia Tech. It’s not that she didn’t like the job, but it was so automatic that she got no enjoyment out of it. And life is too short to not truly enjoy what you’re doing for a living, you know? I was working close by as an administrative secretary for a local employment agency. I loved my job, but I for my skill set, there is no ‘ultimate job’. For politicians, there’s the presidency. For teachers, there’s a professorship. For coaches, there’s a head coaching position at such-and-such school. For Lacy, this job was the ultimate.”

“How did she hear about it? Did someone from here contact her about the position?”

Breanna shakes her head, “No. One day I was having lunch with a co-worker of mine, Kathy. Another worker came around to our table and asked Kathy if she’d managed to get a hold of anyone. Well, I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, but Kathy told me later that she had been trying to land this big account. Our firm was trying to get the contract on finding administrative assistance for a university’s athletic department. My curiosity was piqued, obviously, and I asked which college. When she uttered, ‘Connecticut’, I almost fell out of my chair! I grilled her with questions. I found out that the coaching staff was about to change and that they were looking to re-staff the office. I wondered why in the world they were looking in Georgia for assistants, and she said, ‘They’re not, that’s why I’m calling them and getting no response’! Well, I left lunch and later dug a little further. I found out that Geno was leaving and taking the staff with him. I also found out that they weren’t doing a huge recruiting campaign. I thought it was because they’d already found someone to take the position. But I printed off some information and hit Lacy up with it.”

“Oh my goodness, I bet she flipped out to have the opportunity!”

“I thought she would too, but it turns out that it scared the hell out of her! She refused to call. She thought of every excuse in the book. Finally I said that if she didn’t at least try she’d hate herself forever. Three days passed and finally I’d had it. I was sick of her walking around pouting. We were home on a pre-planned day off for the two of us. I put the phone in front of her and told her that if she didn’t call I was leaving her. She picked it right up and dialed! One hour and forty minutes later she came into the bedroom where I was folding clothes and sat on the bed. She told me that she had an interview the following week and would be leaving on Monday to fly up.”

Gail shakes her head in disbelief, “Did you think she’d actually get the job?”

Breanna considers the question a moment. She sighs, “Well, part of me really thought she didn’t have a chance against someone with more experience. But the other part of me that believes Lacy can do anything she puts her mind to…that part knew she’d get it without question. As a matter of fact, I started packing that weekend.”

Gail chuckles, “You did!”

“Yes, she thought I was being silly, but I told her that I just ‘felt’ that she’d get it. When she left on Monday I told her to bring back a newspaper so we could look for a place to live. She just laughed and boarded the flight with shaking hands.”

“But she had nothing to worry about.”

“Actually, if you’ll remember, Lacy didn’t meet with Chris, the current Athletic Director. She met with the former AD. Lacy went for an interview and then a month later the former AD quit. Then they appointed a temporary coach and AD. Then they found a permanent AD, Chris. Then they started looking for a coach again. When Chris called Lacy she said she wanted Lacy to come as soon as physically possible. Lacy left that night to meet with Chris on the next day, which, by the way, was a Saturday! She called me from the hotel and told me that she didn’t think it went well at all. She said that Chris had been so busy that they barely got to talk. But I told her to think positive. On Sunday Lacy was going to have breakfast with a couple of the old players from UConn that she’d played with years ago. Around 2 in the afternoon on Sunday, I answered the phone and it was Chris. She spoke with me a little and we had a really nice conversation. She didn’t say one way or the other whether or not Lacy had the job, but at the end of the phone call I said something like, ‘So should I be packing or what?’ and she laughed. Her answer was, ‘Make her help you, don’t do it alone’. I hung up the happiest person on Earth. I had given her Lacy’s cell phone and she was delighted to hear that Lacy was still in town. She said that would make things a lot easier.”

“Did she call her immediately?”

“As far as I know, yes. She called her on the cell and asked her to come by the house. When Lacy showed up, they had a long conversation about goals and techniques and such. It went much better than the previous day. And right there Chris offered her the job. And Lacy accepted.”

“What was the next phone call like?”

“She didn’t call me! I was going to pick her up at the airport at 6. Her plane left at what would have been 2 our time. She left Chris’ about 2 hours prior to that. So there was no time and she couldn’t use her phone in the airport or on the plane. So she fashioned a little sign out of napkins from the airport restaurant. It said, ‘I got it’! She walked down the airport terminal in Atlanta wearing that silly napkin pinned to her shirt, but I was so proud of her, I didn’t care!” Bre chuckles.

Gail laughs and shakes her head, “Wow, that’s a great story!”

“So she gave notice at Georgia Tech and I gave notice myself. We packed up our stuff and moved to Connecticut! That took about a month and a half. And here we are!”

“When did she offer you this job?”

“Well, she didn’t in the beginning. She was interviewing for the position. And as a joke I put my application in! The woman helping Lacy weed through the resumes didn’t know me and put my application in her personal ‘Top Three’ pile. When she handed the piles to her, Lacy went right for the top three. Mine was on top and she about died laughing. But she managed to keep her composure and asked for a meeting to be set up. I thought the woman was joking when she called me at home to set up an interview. When Lacy got home that night I told her that I had a job interview and she acted only mildly interested. We played like we didn’t know each other or anything! I showed up all dressed up for the interview and the morning of it she’d left the house and wished me luck. It was really funny. When I sat down with Lacy and Teri to interview, they both looked at me like I was any other candidate. And we were both very professional about it. At the very end of the interview they asked me to leave the room. Teri expressed her interest in me and they had decided that I was the one they wanted. Lacy then told Teri who I was and what I meant to her. Teri laughed and said, ‘Like I didn’t know that’! She’d known all along! When they called me back in, we had a big laugh and I thought I’d instantly been counted ineligible for the job. But they offered it to me right there. And I told them I’d think about it!” Breanna laughs.

“Oh my God, so you didn’t accept right away? What did Lacy say?” Gail gasps.

“Well, she didn’t say a word. It honestly was a big decision to work with her on a day-to-day basis. For some couples it’s hard to work together and live together and still want to be together. But for us, it’s just as easy as breathing.”

“But does she ever reprimand you?”

“Oh yeah, she does. And I argue with her. It’s just like any other boss and assistant relationship. But we leave that here most nights. Work stays at work. That’s like a motto we have. Some days it’s harder than others, but we do our damnedest.”

“I would imagine it would be incredibly hard.”

Breanna smiles, “Life is only has hard as you make it, hon.”


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