Breanna Interview Part 2

Gail stirs her coffee and smiles, “So what happened on the trip? How did meeting her family go?”

Breanna takes a swig of her Coke and sighs, “It went well.” She nods and adds, “I was a big hit. Her family is great, though. It was very easy to get to know them and fit right in. Her mom and I adore each other. Both sets of grandparents have adopted me as one of their own. I enjoy going to family functions with her, it’s like going to my own family’s reunions and get-togethers. It’s a great experience.”

“And so they took well to your relationship?” Gail checks her recorder to make sure she’s still got tape left. There’s a little left, but she’ll have to change it soon.

Breanna shakes her head, “Well you have to remember that the first time I met them, Lacy and I weren’t a couple. She introduced me as a friend. But her grandmother picked right up on something being different. She asked Lacy if she had a boyfriend. Well right then I panicked because I didn’t want her to ask me if I had a boyfriend! I wasn’t going to lie and say yes, but I didn’t want her to press me and ask why I didn’t. God forbid I come out to her family and they not be receptive to having a lesbian in their midst!”

Amused, Gail asks, “So what did you do?”

“Well,” Bre sighs, “she asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told her, ‘No, ma’am” and she smiled at me and nodded. She said, ‘Yeah, boys are too much trouble. Find yourself a good girlfriend and be happy.’ Well, of course you could have knocked me over with a thought! I had no answer for that! I think I managed to spit out something in agreement, but I can’t be sure!” Bre laughs, “But Lacy hadn’t told me that her family knew she was gay. So I thought this was my and grandma’s little secret. Lo and behold, it wasn’t. Lacy’s dad, uncle, and aunt all knew. But it wasn’t until dinner on Friday night that I found out they knew.”

Gail finishes off her coffee, “What happened? I mean, how did you find out?”

Breanna takes a deep breath, smiling all the while, and lets it out with, “Well.”

Gail laughs, knowing a good story is coming, “Oh I can’t wait for this one!” She checks the recorder’s tape, settles into her chair, and waits.

Bre laughs, “Alright. We’d gotten there around 3 in the afternoon on Friday. I took off work to go. Introductions were made, I got to know the family a little, and then Chelly, Lacy’s mom, asked me to help her fix dinner.”

“Wait, I thought Lacy’s mom’s name was Michelle?”

“It is, but most people who know her really well call her Chelly.” Gail nods and Bre continues, “I knew when she asked me to help that it was really a plot to get me alone with her so that she could figure out what I was doing with her daughter. However, keep in mind that she knew Lacy’s gay. But I didn’t know she knew. So I was prepared to lie for Lacy if asked direct questions about her orientation.”

“You would have lied for her?” Gail’s voice has a hint of disbelief in it.

“Not only would I have, but I did!” Breanna laughs at the expression this leaves on Gail’s face. “Her mom and I were washing up veggies for the salad and she asked me about work and my family and such. Then she slyly asked if I was dating anyone. I told her no, because technically I wasn’t dating Lacy at the time. I remember glancing out the window above the kitchen sink and watching Lacy’s face light up as she talked to her dad and uncle. She was talking about something basketball-related, I’m sure. I think the topic of discussion was Minnesota beating Duke, who was the number one team in the country that year. Anyway, my face was glued to Lacy’s when Lacy looked up and smiled at me. At that exact moment her mother asked me, ‘So you and Lacy aren’t’. She just left it like that. She didn’t say anything. Lacy smiled at me. I looked away and hung my head. I looked up and asked her what she meant, pretending I didn’t know what she was driving at.” Breanna takes another swig of Coke and continues, “She just smiled at me and said that she’s been hoping that Lacy would settle down with someone nice. She added that she’d hoped it would be someone like me because I seemed nice and gentle and sensible.”

Bre laughs, “When I got over the initial shock of being flattered by her mom, I didn’t know what to say! So I just said that I thought one day Lacy would find a man to treat her like that. To be kind and gentle and such. She just smiled and walked out on to the back patio. I didn’t pay any attention to where she went, I was too busy trying to get the color to drain back out of my face. I am sure my face was so, so red! She came back in and we finished up in a normal fashion. I was tense when she first walked back in, but I relaxed again pretty quickly. She seemed to have forgotten about it.”

“But I’m sure it came back up again, right?”

Breanna nods, “Yeah. When we were sitting down to eat, Chelly was noticeably watching Lacy interacting with the rest of the family. They were putting the plates and such on the table and I was standing next to Chelly. She didn’t break her gaze on Lacy when she said, ‘Breanna, do you think my daughter is gay’. Well my God, this was not a question I wanted to answer for anyone, much less Lacy’s mother! I composed myself, took a deep breath, and said, ‘No ma’am’.”

Gail’s mouth drops open, “So you lied! You knew she was gay, right?”

“I hadn’t any reason to think she wasn’t, but I didn’t have any concrete proof, either. She’d never talked about exes or crushes or anything remotely related to her preference in that arena. So I honestly didn’t know for sure. But yes, I thought she was gay and lied when I said no.” Breanna takes a drink.

“She had to have known you were lying, though.” Gail leans forward and checks her tape recorder. There’s about 20 seconds of tape left.

Breanna laughs loudly, “Yes, she knew. As a matter of fact, right after I said that, she turned to me and said, ‘You’re wrong. And she likes you. She likes you a lot.’ I asked how she knew that and she said, ‘Because she told me’!”

The tape recorder shuts itself off and the room is filled only with the sound of Gail’s gasp.


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