A little TLC

“You not going to spend all day watching this channel, are you, Didi?” Luigi sighs as he takes a seat next to her on the couch.

“No, papa, I’m not, but the second ‘While You Were Out’ is coming on. Want to watch it with me?” Didi replies, looking at her father. She curls herself up against the arm of the chair, her father sits at her feet. She takes a deep breath and tries to seal this moment into her brain forever. It has to last her until she graduates, for she knows she won’t be back between now and then.

“Oh, I like this show. They use different colors, sometimes crazy!” Luigi glues his eyes to the screen.

He places his hand on Didi’s calf and rests it there. Tears spring to her eyes and Didi turns her face back to the TV. They sit in silence through the opening segment.

Luigi turns to his daughter, “Didi, I am a surprise for you.”

Didi smiles at her father’s mixed English, “What’s that, papa?”

“Make sure that you clean up for dinner. We will be a guest.”

Didi’s eyebrows furrow, “You mean the team is coming over? I know that already, papa.”

“No. Is someone else, too.” Luigi responds, clearly not open for discussing his “surprise”. When the show ends, he pats Didi on the leg, “Get ready. They will be here soon. Your mother will need help in the kitchen.”

“Yes, sir.” Didi rises and helps her dad up, “Hey dad,” she says quietly, “thank you for watching with me.”

Luigi smiles and takes her face in his hands, “It was good. But do not paint your room that color when you are home, okay?” He kisses her forehead and disappears.


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