You Asked for It

Emily’s nerves are on edge. This day has been one comedy of errors and she’s convinced she’s going to make a complete ass of herself at practice. She orders delivery from a local pizza & subs place and goes to the lobby of the arena to wait on it. She takes a seat on a bench and stretches her legs out, crossing them at the ankles. She crosses her arms over her chest and waits, trying to empty her throbbing mind of all thought.

“Oh yeah? Who’s this for?” Didi swings the door open for the delivery guy.

“Uh, Smith.” the guy stammers, obviously shocked that he’s talking to THE Didi Tate.

Emily stands with a sigh and hands the money over, “That’s me.” She notices Didi’s amused expression. “Keep the change, thank you.” She turns to Didi, who’s now looking at her with a questioning gaze, “I’m hungry.” Emily walks towards the hallway to the office, “I didn’t have lunch, I know it’s 4 o’clock, but I couldn’t help it.”

Didi smiles and walks alongside her, she has a meeting with the coach. “Hey, I didn’t say a thing! And it’s 4:45, dear, just so you know.”

Emily backs into the Basketball Office door, opening it for Didi. “Your meeting will begin in 5, dear.” Her eyes narrow into slits as she says “dear”.

Didi throws back her head and laughs as she enters Coach’s office, “You’re going to be a blast to work with, I can tell!”

Emily gathers her meeting materials and mutters under her breath, “You bet I am.”


Coach looks into Didi’s face, trying to read it. With Didi you sometimes don’t know if what you’re trying to tell her will elicit a positive or negative reaction. He grows tired of guessing, “Didi, did you hear me?”

Didi blinks and then answers, “So, what you’re saying is that she’s like, my personal assistant or something?”

Coach nods. “That is precisely what I’m saying. The reason we feel you need this is be-”

“Okay. But you’re paying her, I’m not.”

John takes a breath of relief; this is going much better than he thought. “That’s the plan, D.”

Emily gulps and thinks, “There has to be a catch. She can not be going for this situation this easily. She doesn’t fully understand.” So she leans forward, towards Didi, with her elbows on her knees, “Didi,”

“D. If you’re going to be under my feet every minute of the day, you gotta call me D.”

Emily starts over, “D, I won’t be ‘under your feet every minute’. Think of me as a best friend, sort of. I’ll handle people who get out of hand, bring you water when you’re working out, and be there if you need someone to vent to. When you need to cry, need to breathe, need to eat, need to bitch, or need to talk, I’m the person you come to.”

Didi looks into Emily’s eyes, “I already have someone for that, I can even bitch to ’em.”

Emily closes her eyes and sighs. Then she opens them and returns Didi’s look, “Yeah, but I’m the person who won’t hold it against you.”

Didi’s eyes widen slightly with understanding, “Okay. I just have one rule.”

Tilting her head to the side, Emily says, “What’s that?”

Didi smiles thinking that she’ll put more on the girl’s plate than she can handle by saying this, “You have to do everything with me. If I’m working out, you have to work out. If I’m eating, you have to eat. Going to ball games, riding horses, playing a pickup game, or talking to my mom…you have to do it too.”

Emily pauses for a moment and smiles, “Alright, it’s a deal. Right now you have some other things to talk to coach about. I’m going to go eat and will meet you in practice, coach.” Emily stands and walks to the door. Before exiting the office, she smiles sweetly over her shoulder, “I’ll see you in the showers, D!”

Didi opens her mouth to protest, but coach beats her to it and laughs, “You asked for it!” She clamps her mouth shut and remembers that she did, indeed, ask for it.


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