A sneak preview

For two months now Didi had watched only herself when she bathed. She paid no attention to the naked bodies around her. For two months she had dressed in silence after practices and games. For two months she had not even stolen the slightest glance, taken even the smallest chance of getting caught looking at another woman’s nude body.

She was scared. She was frightened of being “found out”, or worse, having the look returned in kind. The mere thought made her shiver…and not from the cold air hitting her wet skin. And you can believe it nagged at her. It bugged the hell out of her, to be exact.

She couldn’t be expected not to look, right? After all, we’re all sexual beings and we have to have a touch every once in a while. Surely these women understood that. From the sound of things they took each other’s nudity in stride; as if it was no big deal. They spoke to one another, laughed and giggled together. At times she could even tell that they were touching each other. Not sexually, to be sure, but at the very least there were hugs and foul recreations going on. Once she was almost positive she’d heard a couple people making out. But she didn’t dare look at who it was or even question anyone about it.

People had picked on her, sure. They’d seen her flushed face and stunned expression when one of them stepped between her and her locker buck naked. They just wanted her to loosen up, but she was wound so tight inside that she wasn’t sure what would happen if she let her guard down. Heaven forbid she play along, give her assailant a side-long glance, and end up having to explain the reason for her hard nipples!

And so she sits now, berating herself for making herself out to be a prude, “I know what they’re thinkin’ o’ me. I know they think I’m some religious freak or somethin’.”

“Hey Tate, hand me my towel, please.” Sue’s voice breaks into her delightful reverie.

“Okay.” Without thinking, without considering the consequences, without analyzing every movement of her arm, Didi reaches down and grabs the towel. She then turns her body and her face to Sue, handing the towel to her. Before the incident registers in her brain, she says, “Here.”

And then it happened, her eyes drift down Sue’s naked body. They leave a burning, blazing trail from the girl’s dimpled smile, over her strong shoulders, past her proud breasts, across the toned abs, down her hips and legs, and to her wrinkled toes. Didi gulps and quickly looks at the ceiling in utter embarrassment. She’s so ashamed of herself she’s almost in tears.

Sue, realizing what just happened, wraps herself in her towel and moves to sit by the stunned girl. She leans into Didi, her hair dripping on the girl’s arm, and whispers, “Hey, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.” Didi opens her eyes and glues them to Sue’s face. Sue smiles at her, “I promise.”

Didi smiles a weak smile at her, still red-faced, but recovering, “I’m real sorry, Sue. I didn’ mean to make ya’ feel weird ‘r nothin’.”

Sue softly takes Didi’s hand and lays it on her own thigh, “I don’t feel weird, do I?”

Didi’s eyes almost come completely out of her head as she feels the wet warmth of Sue’s thigh under her hand. She stutters, “N-n-no. I-I-I guess not.” She diverts her eyes to the lockers before her, not blinking, not speaking, and not moving.

Sue smiles and releases Didi’s hand. Before rounding the corner to dress on the other side of the lockers, she shoots over her shoulder, “Let’s just consider that a sneak preview, okay?” She winks and disappears.

Didi’s left with a burning palm, mind, and…well…you know.


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