The need to touch you

is sometimes overwhelming…at times my arms feel so empty that i’m afraid everything that hurts me could jump inside and before i know it, i’d be embracing them as if my entire world were situated atop a breath…at times i’m too clingy..others, i’m too distant. is there a medium? is there an in-between?…

sometimes the desire to hold you intimately overcomes me…in a moment i am thinking one thing…and then next, the image of you naked on a bed with rumpled sheets consumes my mind…and i’m lost…lost in the ideas of what i’d do..what i’d say…what you’d do…and what you’d say. is this rational? is it possible?

but always…desire or not…the need to hold or not….IT is always here…residing.. clinging to me as i would to you.. breathing the same breath as myself.. taking from me, it’s own way giving back…in lights and flashes and colors i’ve never seen.. expanding, filling me up and then when i think i can’t take i anymore, overflowing…washing me in delight and fearless abandon….it is love…for you… is it honest? is it real?

yes…yes it is


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